As a Data Creator (DC), following steps are needed in order to import data, replicate it and create offer on the ODN.


  • working ot-node

  • ip whitelisted (there is a separate article on this same page on how to whitelist your NODE_IP) 

  • make sure your node has joined network (this can be verified if you see in node log line like : "Initial sync with other peers done")


docker exec -it otnode bash

      then using curl to import (let's assume you are running node on your local machine):

curl -X POST -F importtype=GS1 \
 -F importfile=@/ot-node/importers/xml_examples/Retail/01_Green_to_pink_shipment.xml
  • On success, previous step returns value for import_id, needed for next API call      

  "import_id": "0x5cc3ea5940a40cc4938ac04acb1186ae0bca4620a9db7dfa7a3c6a211d4d6877"

      having this said, and continuing on the example from above:

curl -X POST \ \
-F import_id=0x5cc3ea5940a40cc4938ac04acb1186ae0bca4620a9db7dfa7a3c6a211d4d6877

After performing above steps, your node will create an offer onto ODN, so from that moment on, other nodes can compete and bid for this specific offer.

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