First of all lets quickly explain what is NAT. You can find a short explanation here:

If you already installed otnode via Docker and realize that you are behind a NAT, we recommend reinstalling it by following the steps below:

Note: Please be aware that after the otnode reinstall, your old node data will be deleted. If you wish to keep your old wallet and private key please make sure you write it down before the you begin this process.

docker stop otnode

docker rm otnode

docker system prune -f

docker volume prune -f

docker pull origintrail/otnode

after you did all the steps above please proceed with the final command below:

sudo docker run -i --name=otnode -p 8900:8900 -p 5278:5278 -p 3000:3000 -v ~/.origintrail_noderc:/ot-node/.origintrail_noderc origintrail/ot-node

NOTE: in this example, our configuration file .origintrail_noderc is placed in to the home folder of the current user (ie. /home/ubuntu).

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