The easiest way to find values of these two identities is to search for them in running node's log. 

For the ERC 725 identity, simply find a log line that looks similar to this:

notify - Identity created for node ab2e1b1e520cac0d1321cd3760c2e7473970ec8a. Identity is 0x99c67054a8c7b7fa62243f0446eacd80c6ff0aff.

The last value (in above case 0x99c67054a8c7b7fa62243f0446eacd80c6ff0aff) represent ERC 725 identity.
Alternatively, if you login into running node's container

docker exec -it otnode /bin/bash
cd data && ls -al

one of the files here should be erc725_identity.json, whose value should exactly match value shown in the log line.

For the Node identity, simply find a log line similar to this:

notify - My network identity: ab2e1b1e520cac0d1321cd3760c2e7473970ec8a

and this value ( in above example ab2e1b1e520cac0d1321cd3760c2e7473970ec8a) it what you are looking for.

Some users might notice that in data folder there exist also file called identity.json,
and that value stored in this file is different from node identity value from logs. Identity.json contains atomic information about the node identity - identity itself is created based on it.

Having above said, final important note:
If you wish to run identical node on some other machine, then in addition to backing up you node wallet/private key, please back up erc725_identity.json and identity.json
files. There will be a separate article on how to start node with previously backed up identities. For now, be aware if you start a node on a different machine with providing only node wallet/private key, node will create new identities, and you end up having different node.

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