In order to fully reinstall your node, please save your node network identity and ERC725 identity by running:

mkdir ~/backup/
docker cp otnode:/ot-node/data/kademlia.crt ~/backup/  
docker cp otnode:/ot-node/data/kademlia.key ~/backup/
docker cp otnode:/ot-node/data/erc725_identity.json ~/backup/

This will copy the  files to your ~/backup folder.


Before you continue you should be aware that the following steps will also delete all the data stored on your node database, including data of all active jobs which can lead to litigation. 

Clean the old version and setup new container by running the following commands:

docker stop otnode

docker rm otnode

Now lets delete the image by using the command:

sudo docker images

After you typed this command you should be able to see something like this:

copy your "IMAGE ID" and use the command:

docker rmi "your IMAGE ID"

Example for this case: 

docker rmi 147d2b793e8a

After your image is removed, continue with the command which are shown below:

sudo docker create -i --log-driver json-file --log-opt max-size=1g --name=otnode -p 8900:8900 -p 5278:5278 -p 3000:3000 -v ~/.origintrail_noderc:/ot-node/.origintrail_noderc

Now lets take the files from the ~/backup folder and place them into the /ot-node/data/ by executing the following commands:

docker cp ~/backup/kademlia.crt otnode:/ot-node/data/  
docker cp ~/backup/kademlia.key otnode:/ot-node/data/  
docker cp ~/backup/erc725_identity.json otnode:/ot-node/data/

Finally start your node:

docker start otnode 

Please keep following our Discord channel for further instructions and updates. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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