The OriginTrail node identity is compatible with the ERC725 standard and utilizes it for key management.

It distinguishes two different types of keys in the identity contract:

  1. The operational wallet, whose private key is stored on the node itself and is used to perform a multitude of operations in the ODN (signing, execution, etc). It requires a small balance of ETH in order to be able to publish transactions to the blockchain, and it can be filled periodically. No TRAC tokens are required for this wallet. 
  2. The management wallet, whose private key is NOT stored on the node and is used to deal with the funds (TRAC rewards) and to manage the keys associated with the ERC725 identity. The management wallet can be any ERC20 supporting wallet (Trezor, Ledger, MetaMask etc).

Note: If you are setting up a OT node for the first time, make sure that your operational wallet has at least 3000 TRAC and 0.1 ETH tokens.

You can transfer funds to your operational wallet by using our convenient UI which we provided at this link. This interface needs to be accessed with your management wallet in combination with MetaMask.

You can find more detailed wallets explanation by checking our official documentation at the following link.

This approach is taken as a convenience measure to provide for flexibility with key management and to minimize the risk of loosing funds in case of the operational key stored on the node somehow gets compromised.

It is the node holders responsibility to keep both their node and wallet safe.

Note: This system is supported from version v2.0.44. Previously the OT node supported only one wallet which had the role of both the operational wallet and the management wallet. If you have installed a mainnet node before version 2.0.44, after the update your node identity will have the same key assigned to both your operational and management wallet. In order to change the your management wallet to the operational wallet you will need to execute the key management functions on your identity smart contract.

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