In order to manually call a smart contract function on MyEtherWallet please go to MyEtherWallet website and in the  navigation menu click on "Contracts".


Two fields will appear. In the Contract Address field please include the following address:


and into ABI / JSON Interface insert the code from the following link and click on ACCESS button.


In the Read / Write Contract dropdown menu select "payOut" - see the image below.

Two input fields will appear.
Identity - here you should paste your ERC725 identity
OfferId - here you should paste you OfferId

In this case we will use MetaMask for signing transaction.
A popup should appear with your MetaMask account asking to confirm connection. Here you should press the "Connect button".

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your operational wallet is selected in MetaMask before proceeding.

Press WRITE button.

See the image below:


In the popup that appears, set Amount to Send to 0 and Gas Limit to 300000

Press the "Generate Transaction" button, after which 2 more buttons should appear. Press the "Yes, I am sure!" button.

MetaMask should show a popup again, asking you to confirm the transaction. Press confirm and you should be done.

Please keep following our Discord channel for further instructions and updates. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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