Litigation Procedure

The Freedom release includes a data integrity feature. This feature demands that your node does not change imported data and is available at all times, as it will need to answer challenges that will check whether the aforementioned data is available and intact. If your node fails to answer the challenge, the litigation part will take place on the blockchain. Because of that, make sure that your operational wallet always has at least 0.2 ETH available.

You can also check our official documentation regarding this at the link below:


Important: Please make sure you have at least 0.2 ETH on your operation wallet before starting the update procedure.

1. Stop your node by using the following command:

docker stop otnode

2. Open your configurations file and add a mandatory Infura or Geth address:

*Here is the example of such configuration file which contains the "rpc_server_url".

   "node_wallet":"your wallet address here",
   "node_private_key":"your wallet's private key here",
   "management_wallet":"your management wallet public key here",
      "hostname":"your external IP or domain name here",
         "IP or host of the machine that is requesting the import",
      "rpc_server_url":"url to your RPC server i.e. Infura or own Geth"

You can also check out our official documentation regarding this at the link below:

For more on how to set the configuration file, go to Node Configuration.

3. After you are done with adding the "rpc_server_url" into your configuration file, start your node by executing the following command in the terminal:

docker start otnode

3.1 After a while, you will see a message that looks like the example below:

info - Checking for updates 
warn - Your version is outdated. 2.0.45 of 3.0.0
warn - Starting downloading:
warn - Downloaded
warn - Update downloaded and ready for install
warn - Update extracted successfully!
warn - The app is ready to function 

Your node will then automatically update to the latest version. 

Start your node in interactive mode: 

You can start your node in interactive mode which means that the terminal will show every process of your node written in your terminal. In order to start your node in interactive mode use the following command:

docker start -i otnode

Please keep following our Discord channel for further instructions and updates. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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