The OTNode by default will call payOut upon finalization of every won offer. In some cases this can be highly inefficient  due to the variations of gas price. Starting from version 2.0.55 OTNode supports disabling automatic pay-outs. In order to disable automatic payOut's one just needs to edit a node's configuration file by adding the following:

"disableAutoPayouts": true

So for example, a basic node configuration file with automatic payouts disabled will look something like this:

    "node_wallet": "your operational wallet address here",
    "node_private_key": "your operational wallet's private key here",
    "management_wallet": "your management wallet public key here",
    "network": {
        "hostname": "your external IP or domain name here",
        "remoteWhitelist": [ "IP or host of the machine that is requesting the import", ""]
    "blockchain": {
        "rpc_server_url": "url to your RPC server i.e. Infura or own Geth"
    "disableAutoPayouts": true

Please note: With automatic pay-outs turned off, a user would have to do it manually in order to withdraw the earned tokens.

You can enable the automatic payOuts by removing the

"disableAutoPayouts": true

line from the node's configuration file or by setting it to "false".

Here are the instructions on how to manually call the payOut smart contract function on MyEtherWallet:

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