Changing the Lambda factors on your node can be done in two ways - using the Houston interface by directly connecting to your node or manually changing the values in the configuration file and restarting your node for changes to take effect. If you are unable to use Houston and would like to change the Lambda of your node without the risk to corrupt your configuration file by mistake, you can use the following helper script to manage your node Lambda. 

PREPARATION (One time activity):

First of all, you will have to connect to the server hosting your node.

NOTE: The following steps should be executed from the root of your server so entering the docker container is not needed.

After you logged in successfully to your server you should download the helper script by using the following command:


When the download is completed, proceed with the command below:

sudo chmod +x

This will set execution permissions so you can proceed to the next step.
NOTE: This command needs to be executed only once (when you are going through this procedure for the first time). Next time you are changing the lambda factor, this step is not needed.

USAGE (every time you want to change Lambda):

By running the command below can update your "dh_price_factor" and "dc_price_factor" without editing the config file:

./ argument_1 argument_2 argument_3

  • argument_1 (required): Set this to dc or dh to change the appropriate lambda. This value determines if you are updating the price factor as a data holder (dh_price_factor) or data creator (dc_price_factor). 

  • argument_2 (required): The value of Lambda you want to set. This value refers to the new value of Lambda you want to set ( has to be a NUMBER ).

  • argument_3 (optional): If you are using a custom config file, this argument lets you specify the path to it. If you are using the default .origintrail_noderc file, then this argument should NOT be specified! 


./ dc 6

This command will change the dc_price_factor to the new value of 6 (in the default config file)

./ dh 5.3 ~/my_config_file

This command will change the dh_price_factor to the new value of 5.3, and path to the custom config file is "~/my_config_file".

Note: When the script is executed your node will automatically be restarted in order to implement the changes made. 

Please keep following our Discord channel for further instructions and updates. 

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